Elite Academy U14

Head Coach Jonas de Bruyne

PlayerClass ofHeightWeightFavorite PlayerFavorite Quote
Jonathan Kapinga Thais20261m5245kgJa MorantKaizen.
Xawier Matwiej20261m6552kgStephen CurryTrue winners stand up stronger every time they fall.
William Peeters20271m4637kgStephen CurryBetter next time.
Quinten Laisnez20271m4635kgMichael JordanIf you can't handle the pain, stay off the court.
Hezekaiah Owusu-1m5343kgLebron James You have to be able to accept failure to get better.
Marcel Peeters-----
Louis Peeters-----
Lucas Van Steenbergen20271m5539kgLuca DončićI can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying.
Elias Serdobbel-1m6043kgThomas AkyaziliThe harder we fall, the stronger we rise.