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Open For Partnerships!


Since it has been a very tough year for basketball players, we want to give our kids the best possible start they can get once basketball is allowed again.

You’ve probably seen we’ve been doing a big renovation to create the ultimate basketball facility. We’re almost there, but for the last part we need your help.

The last renovation would be:

👉 creating personalized locker rooms
👉 give the kids proper sanitation.

We almost saved the budget but for the last part we could use some support!

That’s why we created two partnership options:

1️⃣ For companies: in exchange for €1500 we will print your logo on our basketball court 🤝
2️⃣ Donations for everyone who wants to show support

Shoot us a message at joerik.michiels@eliteathletes.be and we will give you a PDF with more informational about the visibility options we have for you – or work out a tailored option.

Our aim with the Academy is to continue the depth of our program and quality of our accommodations towards realizing our imagined vision of what a youth program and practice facility can be ⚡

Trust the process!