Join our U14 Squad

Elite Academy is currently looking to fill up the last spots in their U14 team. It doesn’t matter how good you are – we’re looking for players who love the game of basketball and are motivated to get better on and off the court. Players born in 2007, 2008 or 2009 are welcome to join […]

The Conscious Sports Parent: Part 3

Being a Conscious Sports Parent in Practice The gold investment in becoming a supportive sports parent seems to boil down to becoming more conscious of your own behavior: in and the around the sport and learning how to regulate your thoughts, emotions and physiology in order to embody a supportive presence throughout. Similar to the […]

The Conscious Sports Parent: Part 2

Why do kids play sports? Along the years of growing Elite Athletes we have met many professional players in whom we noticed an unfortunate trait. The majority of them have stopped being players: they do not experience basketball as play anymore – it became a performance. The best among them, or at least the healthiest […]

The Conscious Sports Parent: Part 1

Parents as Collaborators in Creating a Supportive Youth Sports Climate The intention of this series of three articles is very simple. It is, in short, to make a change in an aspect of sports that is often ignored or labeled as too sensitive. We love to work on the grey area sides of things as […]

New physio partnerships for EA

Elite Academy are pleased to announce a partnership with two physiotherapists to ensure that a first class player welfare program is provided moving forwards. Independent Physio Cedric Van Der Sypt and the De Kinesisten group will serve as official physiotherapists for Elite Academy. Cedric Van Der Sypt is a former basketball player who played together with Olivier […]

Pete Lonergan Visits Antwerp

Elite Academy were delighted to welcome Basketball Australia’s Pete Lonergan to Antwerp to spend the week with the program. In addition to delivering at the Elite Athletes Shooting Camp, Pete conducted training sessions for our academy players in addition to delivering a Coaching Clinic for our staff. The notes from the Coaching Clinic can be […]

Become an EA Scout!

Want to join the Process in a non-coaching role? Elite Academy are delighted to announce a new Basketball Operations Team, with four scout vacancies being created to fill the team. The Academy scouts will be divided to cover the following regions within Belgium, and be responsible for talent identification for players aged 12 – 16. […]

Sarama in Sweden

Elite Academy Technical Director, Alex Sarama, just wrapped up a week in Sweden working with some of the top U19 athletes from around the country. Spending the week in 3 different cities: Luleå, Stockholm and Gothenburg, Alex travelled with Henrik Smedburg – National Teams Manager of the Swedish Basketball Federation – to deliver practices at […]

Internaat Accommodation for Players across Belgium

Elite Academy are pleased to be offering “internaat” accommodation services for players joining the Academy from September 2020. Teaming up with two providers in the Linkerover and Hoboken areas of Antwerp, new players from across Belgium will be able to stay in Antwerp from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. The dormitories are intended to provide […]

Want to Join the Process?

Elite Academy is delighted to release news of our try-outs for the 2020/21 season, open to all players born between 2000-2009 who are interested in joining the Academy. Elite Academy will be running 7 teams in the following age group categories: U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 & U21. For the first year, scholarships have […]

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