EA Facility

The Facility can be viewed as the laboratory of the Elite Academy. This is where the players spend a lot of time, and we have tried our best to make it the best possible space for them to thrive in their training, exploration and individual practice. The Facility is the Mecca for basketball development. 

Players from all over the globe, hundreds of professional players, some of the toughest athletes out there as well as NBA coaches and staff have stepped foot in our Facility. The energy it expounds is one of hard work, of inspiration to put in time yourself: a place that stimulates one to live up to their innate potential, and bring forth daily the effort required for this potential to flourish. 

The Facility consists of a half basketball court, an athletic development gym section, a classroom to study and relax, as well as a physiotherapist studio on the first floor. 

Furthermore, players of the Academy get full-membership access to the Facility and all it offers during opening hours. Beyond this we initiate the “Mamba-mindset” or “24/7” optionality, which means that U18 players get access 24/7 to the Facility. U16 players can get access 24/7 through the buddy system if they are accompanied by a U18 player.