Photographer Serch Carriere
Born in Antwerp and raised by a German mum and South American dad, Serch quickly developed a passion for arts.
Always creating things, building, drawing, and using fantasy to the fullest as a kid drove Serch to take up art school in Brussels. This only amplified his passion to combine everything he loves: from going to concerts to playing music himself to creating his own drumsets and finishing them off with graffiti designs.
Being able to turn his hobbies and passion into work is something that wakes Serch up with a smile every morning, ready to rock & roll again (quite literally). Aside from taking some of the best photographic shots in the game, Serch is a drummer in the band BEAR, who have been on tour in several exotic locations throughout the world.
A fun fact for the next Elite Academy Quiz Night; did you know that Joerik met Serch when he was 12 years old at the legendary playground of  Tunnelplaats in Antwerp, as well as the fact that Olivier started a team at Antwerp Giants together with Serch in 2012?
In addition to his work with Elite Academy, Serch is a photographer for FIBA, the Belgian Vice Prime Minister Mr. Alexander De Croo, the Belgian Cats (Women’s National Team) and Belgian Lions (Men’s national team).