Coach, I want to train my body…

To be able to perform well in the sport of basketball you need the body of an athlete.

To become more athletic we offer you a couple of ways to do that at the Academy.

This is what you can do this off-season:

1. Follow the training program on the Facility wall

Complete the program 3 to 4 times per week to develop all of the most important athletic movements and lower your chance of injury.

The program on the wall exists of the following segments:



Jumping forward, sideways, landing better, one two legs, on one leg.

Strength & power

Explosive moves, pushing, pulling, squatting and deadlifting – finished with core work.

If you haven’t, subscribe for the sessions to learn how to do all the exercises.

Try to avoid doing random workouts that are not balanced out: random bench pressing will give you a nice temporary pump, but won’t lead to transfer on the court.

2. Join an individual screening to know your weak links

Every week there are individual screening sessions of 10-15 minutes.

You will learn which areas of your body are weak or underdeveloped and what exercises we recommend to correct it.


When to do the exercises?

Just get it in…

3. Join one of the specific topic sessions

Every week we are organizing sessions on (sign up in the registration sheet):

4. Change your habits at home

Where do most basketball players get injured?


One of the best ways to lower the chance of injury is to keep your ankles, quadriceps and hips open by changing your sitting habits.

Two simple ways to train your body during the day?

5. Ask the coaches

We love those who want to put in the work.

Have specific questions or goals about your athletic development that are not answered in the sessions?

Ask Olivier, Jeroen or Robbe.

6. You are responsible

We can only offer you the options to make use of the above.

In the end, it is your body and your decision to put in the work – or not…

You are responsible.

Trust The Process,