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Internaat Accommodation for Players across Belgium


Elite Academy are pleased to be offering “internaat” accommodation services for players joining the Academy from September 2020. Teaming up with two providers in the Linkerover and Hoboken areas of Antwerp, new players from across Belgium will be able to stay in Antwerp from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon.

The dormitories are intended to provide for players who live far from Antwerp. With the dormitory options, players aged 13 – 18 will be able to take part in all Academy programming, in addition to attending a local school (more information coming on this shortly!).

Internaat costs vary at both locations, either costing 200 or 250 Euros per month, for all accommodation and two meals a day. Places must be confirmed by early March to ensure there is space available.

If you would be interested in more information, please get in touch with us via tonio.caruso@eliteathletes.be.