School Follow-Up

The collaboration between Elite Academy and Studan’t began with the dream of providing young athletes with all the tools they need to become a successful basketball player and student.

At Elite Academy, we take pride in offering a complete student-athlete experience with a school follow-up system completely unique in the basketball world and exclusive to EA. Academy players have a choice of schools to attend in Antwerp, and then through Studan’t, three tutors work within the Academy and our players. This is known as our ‘School Follow-Up’ system.

The system has different aspects whereby we provide athletes with the necessary skills to become the best students they can be. This includes regular workshops, with topics focussed on how to study, revision techniques, using social media, the negative effects of blue light etc.

In addition to workshops, the Studan’t tutors facilitate our athletes in creating their own timetables, so they learn how to work efficiently during free time. Additionally, best practice study techniques are shared so EA players are aware of how to study for different academic subjects. For instance, students can’t study history in the same way as they do for French.

The most comprehensive part of the system is the online access the tutors receive to access the grades of every academy player. Each school in Antwerp utilises online platforms to display academic progress, and by playing for EA, each player commits to sharing access to this platform with our team of tutors.

With the coaching staff, a traffic light system has been created whereby our athletes, parents and coaches can easily know how they are doing at school:

Green: doing great! No problem at all, keep up the good work.

Orange: be careful! Some slips with grades and academic reports. Extra attention is paid to these athletes by the tutor team.

Red: need to get you back to orange! Have lower than expected grades for multiple courses, or we have received negative feedback regarding academic performance or behaviour from your school. EA coaches and parents are notified of players in the red. Players in red are restricted with their practice time in order to get their grades back on track.

Just like in school, they’ll receive feedback from our tutor team from time-to-time. This includes specific thoughts on grades and study behaviours. The Studan’t team regularly attend practices and games to get to know the EA athletes and also work with them before practice where required.

This system is all about trusting the process, and ensuring there is an equal commitment placed upon both academic and basketball performance.