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Why join us?

In addition to the training opportunities provided by our EA Facility, we have also installed a classroom for our players in collaboration with Bosch. The classroom provides our athletes with a chance to study and finish homework before their training sessions in an inspiring learning space. In connection with the homework class, a team of school tutors from Studant support our athletes’ school performance by following up on their grades, organising team workshops on how to study and plan efficiently, as well as how to cope with the challenging combination of sport and academic growth.

As part of the Academy package for all participating players, school performance is analysed quarterly and kept track of throughout the season to ensure that both school and sporting success go hand-in-hand. We use a green, orange and red traffic light system which helps integrate the school performance with the training load at the Academy.

For prospective players interested in joining ‘the Process’, please contact us. Due to places in the Academy being limited, early enquiries and expressions of interest are encouraged.

Elite Academy are proud to offer x4 scholarships every team, showing our dedication to providing opportunities for top youth prospects in Belgium.

Two “Gold” scholarships exist for every team, in addition to two “silver” scholarships. Gold results in a 75% reduction in academy fees for eligible players, with a silver package offering a 25% reduction. Players are eligible for scholarships based on financial need and family income. 

If interested in our scholarships package, please get in touch through the contact form below…