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  1. Elite Academy U18 wins Tournament in Spain!
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  3. Coach Olivier & Joerik are selected by the NBA
  4. Head Coach Janka Debacker wins the price


With our project of the Elite Academy we envision a youth basketball development program that aims to guide our kids within their process of becoming a more complete basketball player, while at the same time supporting their growth as creative human beings beyond their sport of choice.

We aim to build a platform that will serve our athletes as optimally as possible to facilitate them towards a career as a professional basketball player while at the same time taking in consideration their psychophysical and social growth by offering them a wide range of experiences throughout the years.

Elite Academy is foremost a process you sign in to. A process that is in continuous evolution itself, just as our players, in becoming a  wholesome educational basketball program that transcends the often narrow scope of traditional sports programs.

We offer our kids an international, supportive, communal environment where they can develop towards their full potential.

Trust the process.


Time to finally take youth Basketball Development in Belgium to the next level!

We proudly present the Elite Academy:
- long term player development
- building players > winning games
- professional coaching staff
- complete school follow up system
- multiphased teaching
- year round program
- life skills

TRY-OUTS for players born in 2003 & 2004 coming soon!
Don’t miss out this opportunity to start developing your true potential!

Mail us your: name, club and birth year at

We’re still looking for:
- a basketball coach with a big affinity & passion for teaching the game 
- 1 year interns as a manager/assistant coach
- partners who believe in the vision of the Academy

 For more info mail us at:

Geplaatst door Joerik Michiels op Dinsdag 16 januari 2018


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